Tuesday, July 1, 2008

There's a price for a great shoe sale

My mother told me so. Don't lift heavy things; you'll hurt your back. Well, I didn't really lift the furniture. I just pushed it around my living room. And I was careful.

Unfortunately, now I am on a muscle relaxer (which isn't all bad, by the way) and a painkiller. I was doing much better and could even sit up straight, but then I went to a shoe sale. Lalo (Designer Clearance House) got in a new shipment, and I spent two hours trying on shoes. The problem with this is that the place is more like a warehouse...no place to sit. So you are always bending over to find the shoes and balancing on one leg to try them on.

So now I am back in pain again. But worth it... I got a great pair of Olivia Rose Tal shoes for $62 (retail $275). I just can't tell my mother. She's already said, "I told you so!"

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