Monday, April 28, 2008

Exploring the "Local Flavors"

On the Pat's Picks Calendar there was an innocuous little item called "Homegrown Austin" at Grapevine Market. A "tasting event of local flavors." Lots of samples.

Hey, that's for me... samples! They have wines and a neat deli area, so after a glass of wine at home late Saturday afternoon, I set off to sample the local flavors! I didn't realize that there were only two flavors... vodka and rum.

I had no idea that Austin produced so much liquor. Oh, yum, mojitos made with Treaty Oak Platinum Rum. That is so tasty... sort of like a frisky fruit punch. OK, I'll try a tiny sip of Dripping Springs vodka. They need to turn the AC cooler in this place.

No more for me. But wait! Paula's Lemon Liqueur. That is really good.

Now I'm leaving... right past the dark chocolate flavored vodka. Dark chocolate? I love dark chocolate. And they serve half a piece of really great dark chocolate with the vodka so it's not like drinking on an empty stomach.

I'll bet that dark chocolate would be really good with the sample of Fall Creek Iconoclast.

P.S. I took a little nap at my sister's house before driving home.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celebrate! UT student fashion show

This Friday night (April 25)at 8 pm, 26 UT fashion design students will present their collections at a runway show in the Erwin Center. I can't wait! A runway show! I picture myself in a student version of Project Runway.

Which reminds me, you do know that Tim Gunn will be in town on April 23. At Dillard's. 6 pm. He is the Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne. Yes, I've read his book and Nina Garcia's black book.

Back to the UT show.....evening wear, daywear, and bridal designs will be shown. These seniors have been working on their collections all semester and will have this opportunity to show them in a formal show to fashion industry standards.

A pre-show exposition will begin at 7 pm and will highlight programs and research activities. Both events are free. If you go, I'll be the one right up front watching every detail!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Margaret's adventures in dieting

Today I'm passing on Margaret Patterson's comments about dieting:

When it comes to diets, I’ve tried them all. Each works great until a king size Snicker that was hiding in the fridge beneath a package of corn tortillas suddenly appears and silently screams, “Eat Me!” Like Alice in Wonderland, who couldn’t resist those same words, I eat.

Fortunately for Alice, eating the cake emblazoned with “Eat Me” only made her grow to be nine-feet tall. My lack of will power is making another part of my anatomy look at least nine-feet wide, even if it isn’t -- at least not yet.

My love affair with food didn’t begin until I stopped smoking. Quitting wasn’t easy. Like most quitters, I tried unsuccessfully to do so at least three times. My family, my doctor, my good sense all told me to quit, but I owe my 40 years of cigarette-free living to one thing -- jerky.

One day during hunting season, my father-in-law was making jerky. He carefully placed strips of soft red meat on trays which he put into a small smoke house.

When the meat came out it was dry, tough, leather-looking, but darn tasty. I took one look at that dark, dry, wrinkled jerky and thought, “That is exactly what my face is going to look like 10 years from now if I don’t stop “taking it to the smoke house.” I quit that same day.

Maybe I should buy a three-way mirror!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Who's that lady on the scaffolding?

If you saw Leah Strmiska at Northwest Hills Pharmacy working the register and helping customers, you'd never guess what she does in her off time. This petite, sweet woman climbs on ladders and scaffolding to paint murals, borders, and faux finishes on businesses and homes.

Her work can be seen in the entrance to the Stagecoach Inn in Salado, numerous homes on the homes tour, and, most recently, in the Symphony Showhouse Master Bedroom and Master Bath. She painted the beautiful faux finish in the bedroom and the vines on the ceiling; in the bath she used a gold leaf with amber wash..... and much of the time the work was done in near darkness.

With no electricity and many dark, rainy days, these fabulous free-hand works of art came to life with Leah's experienced hand rather than being able to see her work progress!

On a another note .....

Am I the only one who didn't know that the HEB/Central Market at 360 & Bee Caves had opened? I've been watching that spot for ages. Hurrah! An HEB/Central Market in Westlake.

It's an HEB but with a lot of things borrowed from Central Market, which means you can watch your sushi being rolled, but you can also find a full selection of toilet paper. There's a Cafe on the Run, fish market, deli, nice wine selection, and cooking demos. You can even find Rachal Ray serveware and the famous garbage bowl.