Monday, April 28, 2008

Exploring the "Local Flavors"

On the Pat's Picks Calendar there was an innocuous little item called "Homegrown Austin" at Grapevine Market. A "tasting event of local flavors." Lots of samples.

Hey, that's for me... samples! They have wines and a neat deli area, so after a glass of wine at home late Saturday afternoon, I set off to sample the local flavors! I didn't realize that there were only two flavors... vodka and rum.

I had no idea that Austin produced so much liquor. Oh, yum, mojitos made with Treaty Oak Platinum Rum. That is so tasty... sort of like a frisky fruit punch. OK, I'll try a tiny sip of Dripping Springs vodka. They need to turn the AC cooler in this place.

No more for me. But wait! Paula's Lemon Liqueur. That is really good.

Now I'm leaving... right past the dark chocolate flavored vodka. Dark chocolate? I love dark chocolate. And they serve half a piece of really great dark chocolate with the vodka so it's not like drinking on an empty stomach.

I'll bet that dark chocolate would be really good with the sample of Fall Creek Iconoclast.

P.S. I took a little nap at my sister's house before driving home.

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