Monday, March 22, 2010

New blogs????

I haven't decided what to do about this situation. I've started getting a lot of "anonymous" comments that are trying to be posted to my blog. They look OK for the first line and then they turn out tobe spam for stuff like Viagra. I monitor all comments so I catch them before they are posted.

Anyway, I will note at the bottom of the weekly newsletter if there is a new blog. I won't be updating least not until I figure this out! But I'll try to get most items in the newsletter. Pat

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The cost of clutter from Get Rich Slowly

When I moved a couple of weeks ago I learned that even someone in a one-bedroom apartment can have lots of clutter. Then I saw this post on Get Rich Slowly talks about the cost of clutter. Cost? I'd never thought about that.

First, when you can't find your stuff, you end buying duplicates. Yes, I've done that.

When you have more stuff than space, your things get stored badly and damaged. Yup, done that also.

When your stuff is disorganized, you miss deadlines and fees can run up. Not so much for me. I hate fees.

Lots of folks rent storage space for the stuff that doesn't fit in their homes. Or they buy bigger homes than they need to hold their stuff. And I just got a bigger garage with a store room.

Clutter can encourage allergens and dust and that's not good for your health.

Plus, clutter keeps you from working at your best. Stuff demands attention.