Sunday, June 28, 2009

I washed my I Phone!

The I Phone is not a cold water wash item. Not even if the detergent is eco-friendly!

I was in a hurry and pulled the sheets off my bed and dropped them in the washer quickly. I thought I heard a thump but decided I must have bumped that thingie in the middle that turns. I went back into the bedroom to grab my glasses and the I Phone so that I could leave. Where is the phone? Like a flash it hit me..... that thump was my phone.

I screamed and ran back to the washing machine. It was still filling with water, and I fished around in the water. Yep, wrapped up in the sheets was the distinct outline of an I Phone.

I took it immediately to the AT&T store, water running out of it. They don't fix IPhones but recommended a repair shop down the street, which was, of course, was closed since it was Sunday. I went to the Apple store, which was willing to sell me a new phone for $199. Keep in mind that if you buy the same phone with a contract it's only $99. But my phone is so new that my contract is too new to qualify. And, of course, the warranty doesn't include water damage.

OK, I can live without a cell phone. Of course, I still have to pay $100 a month for the service whether I use it or not. I have nothing to lose at this point so I took the phone to the repair shop on Monday. "Maybe we can save it; maybe we can't."

They called me back the next day.... my phone has been saved! I can't believe it; they saved my phone. And the charge? $35!

So I must tell you about these guys: They work out of the Finish Line Car Wash on Bee Caves Road. It's called Celltech and it's just two guys at a counter but do they ever know cell phones!

2900 Bee Caves Road

Monday, June 22, 2009

Suit Shopping

Margaret and Mike go shopping: Guest blog from Margaret Patterson

My husband and I went suit shopping recently. Like most Texas men, he equates buying a new suit to a root canal. After insisting that he wears a size he hasn’t worn for more than 10 years, he finally settled on another dark suit. In the process, however, my heart went out to him because he was forced to admit, as I was long ago, that the sands of time had descended to the bottom of the hourglass and settled there.

I had an aunt who stood on her head for five to 10 minutes each day to "fight gravity." I kidded her about it, but now I recall that when she was the age I am now, she still looked good in a size 8 swimsuit.

Unfortunately, in the case of my figure and my husband’s physique, it would take more than turning over the hourglass to force the sands of time up instead of down.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Visit with Porsche

I visited my ancient horse for the first time since my surgery in March. She may be old but she's strong so I was afraid to visit until I was sure my back could handle her.

Now we both have back issues: she's sway backed and I'm numb in places! Anyway, she looked great, especially for a lady of her years. She was glad to see me but not overwhelmed. Now I know why... a friend had offered to look after her while I was in treatment. Well, she has been washing, grooming, and walking her.... and giving her special treats. I am really going to have to step up my game to keep up with that! Thanks, Dana, it meant a lot to know someone was checking in on her.

It was really good to be out in the open air again. There was a light breeze despite the fact that it will get to 100 degrees this afternoon. And the grass is still green enough to be a treat for Porsche; later in the summer we'll have to look longer to find a green patch.

When I rub her forehead she rests her chin on my shoulder. I remember when she was young and frisky I was afraid of her... and she knew it. But now we have both mellowed.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And They're Off!

This is a guest post from Elaine Douglas.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever hear myself say “I hope to get my braces off by my 64th birthday.” But I did. Many times. And it almost happened. They actually came off a couple of weeks after the birthday. How did I get here? Definitely a F(requently)A(sked) Q(uestion)!!

About two years ago when I was in for my (almost) semi-annual appointment, my dentist decided to develop a “long range plan treatment plan” for me. Actually it is quite encouraging to begin a long-range plan when you’re nearly ready for Medicare. Anyway, one of the first recommendations was orthodontia. Most of us probably remember from junior high school: metal bands, regular tightening of the brackets, wax to prevent the wires from poking the inside of our mouth, etc. Not fun!! But this time it was a lot different. I didn’t spring for the more expensive Invisalign braces. I figure they aren’t truly invisible so I might as well not try to kid anyone. Today the brackets are applied directly to the teeth, skipping the awful metal bands. Fortunately, each adjustment only resulted in a day or two of minimal pressure, never any actual pain. It always amazed me how many adult patients I saw in the waiting room, and how many people I encountered in other places who were also in braces. I guess I just never noticed before. This journey has been worth it. Whether you had braces a half-century ago and have noticed some shifting of your teeth, or just always wished you could straighten them, I can definitely recommend considering seeing an orthodontist.

Finally, one week ago the braces came off, I got my retainer, and now I’m ready for the next step in my long-range plan. This will involve “restorative work”, ie a little cosmetic dentistry. But why not? The kids are grown and flown (certainly with memories of their own braces) and I guess now it’s my turn again. I have fond memories of incredulous stares at the 45-year high school reunion. I must have been the youngest looking one there with braces and (now) glasses! It was like I was in junior high all over again.

But for the 50-year reunion in a few more years, I hope to have contact lenses, or at least snazzier frames. Now about these few extra pounds. This will really require some dedication.