Sunday, June 28, 2009

I washed my I Phone!

The I Phone is not a cold water wash item. Not even if the detergent is eco-friendly!

I was in a hurry and pulled the sheets off my bed and dropped them in the washer quickly. I thought I heard a thump but decided I must have bumped that thingie in the middle that turns. I went back into the bedroom to grab my glasses and the I Phone so that I could leave. Where is the phone? Like a flash it hit me..... that thump was my phone.

I screamed and ran back to the washing machine. It was still filling with water, and I fished around in the water. Yep, wrapped up in the sheets was the distinct outline of an I Phone.

I took it immediately to the AT&T store, water running out of it. They don't fix IPhones but recommended a repair shop down the street, which was, of course, was closed since it was Sunday. I went to the Apple store, which was willing to sell me a new phone for $199. Keep in mind that if you buy the same phone with a contract it's only $99. But my phone is so new that my contract is too new to qualify. And, of course, the warranty doesn't include water damage.

OK, I can live without a cell phone. Of course, I still have to pay $100 a month for the service whether I use it or not. I have nothing to lose at this point so I took the phone to the repair shop on Monday. "Maybe we can save it; maybe we can't."

They called me back the next day.... my phone has been saved! I can't believe it; they saved my phone. And the charge? $35!

So I must tell you about these guys: They work out of the Finish Line Car Wash on Bee Caves Road. It's called Celltech and it's just two guys at a counter but do they ever know cell phones!

2900 Bee Caves Road

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