Monday, July 6, 2009

Big birthdays on the 4th

A guest post from Margaret. Yes, her birthday really is July 4!

Yippee! Despite terrorism, recession, arthritis and asthma, America and I celebrated our respective birthdays on July 4.

Although I am one year away from celebrating three-fourth of a century worth of birthdays, I remain grateful that my mother had the wisdom to give birth to her only child on a day that the entire nation observes.

July 4 is the quintessential American holiday, and it requires little effort to celebrate in style.

No presents to buy, no turkey to cook, no eggs to dye and no roses to send.
Fly an American flag, cook some wieners, cut a watermelon, light a Roman candle, and before you can say, "The British are coming," it’s a red, white and blue Fourth.

This year I celebrated with friends in Sun City where Pat was looking great after her long battle with cancer, and our hostess was gloriously happy in her new home.

Although I have received some great presents, the best gifts are seeing a good friend recover her health, another happy, children’s phone calls, grandchildren’s text messages, silly cards from far away friends, unexpected e-cards, and a Skype equipped laptop so I may see, as well as talk, to my loving husband as his job takes him around the world.

Each year, I also am grateful for the military men and women whose service and sacrifice have made it possible for all Americans to wake up on July 4 in the land of the free.

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barbara said...

It was a joy to see you doing well Pat and to see your lovely new hair do and color. It's always a joy to celebrate Margaret's birthday and here's hoping we don't have to wait until the 3/4 century celebration to meet again.