Sunday, July 6, 2008

The 9th form of intelligence

This week I have been listening to another motivational CD that encourages you by saying that there are eight types of intelligence. Just because you're not good at one type, you might be great at something else.

1. Bodily-kinesthetic- These are the athletes. Finely tuned bodies. Definitely not me.
2. Verbal-linguistic - Great speakers such as Martin Luther King and Kennedy. And me? Please! Let's move on.
3. Logical-mathemetical- Technology leaders and Albert Einstein. I don't really even understand what E=MC2 is. I don't think so.
4. Spacial - These are the engineers and architects. No, but that's OK; there are lots more to choose from.
5. Intrapersonal - Highly self-aware persons such philosophers and psychologists. Well, we're getting closer but if I'm so self-aware I wouldn't be listening to all these CDs.
6. Interpersonal - Empathize with others & communicate well, extroverts - politicians, teachers. Maybe...but not really
7. Musical - Now we're getting cold again.
8. Naturalistic - Great sensitivity to nature. The last time I went camping I was 10 years old and got chiggers.

Was this exercise supposed to be inspirational? Now I know that of eight forms of intelligence, I have none. I'll just have to define a 9th!

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Robyn Hadley said...

Very funny, Pat. I think you fit in with the Interpersonal Group - you're a little bit of an extrovert and you can definitely empathize with others.