Sunday, July 27, 2008

Austin to Saudi Arabia

A friend of mine was in town last week for a quick get together. She works for the U.S. embassy in Saudi Arabia. Wow! How many people can say that! Anyway, it is so interesting listening to stories of their life in the Kingdom.

As someone who does virtually no cooking, I was surprised to learn that they seldom eat out. If you are invited to dinner it means to their home.

Recently, the embassy has hosted President Bush, Dick Cheney, and a long list of other dignitaries. Saudi Arabia gave the U.S. a rare and endangered oryx. I had to go home and google oryx to see what they look like. (It is a large antelope with swept-back horns. See photo.)

What would a celebration be without T-shirts and mugs? But trying to get them on short notice in Saudi Arabia is another thing! Apparently, they don't print up T-shirts for all occasions like we do. She promised to send the logo that her husband designed for a US-Saudi event.

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