Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Outing to Nordstrom Rack

I'm sorry; I posted this a couple of days ago, but something ate it so I'm posting it again.

You knew I would make it to Nordstrom Rack soon! I love a discount but some discount stores carry secondary lines. The store had already been open for several days when I got there, but it was still crowded.

They carry lots of good brands but I don't think all of this merchandise is carried in their stores. They had lots of Sofft shoes (which are a necessity due to my early days of pointy shoes and high heels) but they fit sort of weird, perhaps why they were here. But I could spend a long time just browsing the shoes! Lots of shoes.

Separate racks for designers such as Nanette Lapore separates and Alberto Makali tops, but again I'm not sure that these are from the store. I did see some great leather gloves that were very reasonable.

I would definitely go again. I think you could find some good deals but you have to be lucky also.... or find out when they get shipments!

While I was out that way, I stopped by Ann Taylor. Dale Coker has been telling us about the this season's classic looks there. They had some basics like a black skirt and white blouse for $39 each. They looked a lot more expensive!

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