Monday, September 14, 2009

The real devil

I saw The September Issue last weekend. I loved it! It's a documentary about the production of the September issue of Vogue magazine, featuring Anna Wintour, of course. In case you don't know, The Devil Wears Prada was based on her and her role as editor of Vogue.

Loved seeing how they put together a large issue... behind the camera at photo shoots, discussions of photo quality, etc. And to top it off, when I got home The Devil Wears Prada was on TV!

Before I close, Victoria wants you to know that the service around here is deteriorating. She has always preferred her water straight from the bathroom faucet, but now she wants it from the tub faucet. I heard a meow echoing in the bathroom and found her in the tub looking longingly at the faucet.

But if it runs too fast, it gets her feet wet, which is a problem. And it's not easy to get a tub faucet to trickle just right. Only a cat owner could understand this!

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