Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jewelry in 95 degrees

It may have been 95 degrees but I was out there at Pecan Street Festival trying on jewelry. The Gilded Giraffe was there with their shell and silver pieces. I had to buy the pearl earrings with silver beads imprinted with tiny dragonflies. Unfortunately, they don't have a Web site.

I also discovered Jessica Weiss from Knoxville. She does unusual, primarily dangling, earrings with stones. Her Web site is Don't be shocked...the designs on theWeb site are usually in 18K or 22K gold, that is, expensive. They run several hundred to several thousand dollars. But at Pecan Street she had silver and gold plate. A pair of earrings would run $30 - $80. Very delicate leaf shapes, branches or circles with turquoise, black onyx, pearls. She said you could order and she would ship, but the pieces at the show are not on the Web site. Don't know how that would work.

A similar look is Windy Mink , a NYC jeweler who is featured in numerous magazines and occasionally on, the designer discount Web site. She has a sale going on right now on her blog.
The earrings at the top of this post are Windy Mink's.

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