Monday, August 3, 2009

Keeping up with tests

I'm trying to get back on schedule with my checkups with my local doctors. You know, mammogram, colonoscopy, etc. I remember reading in Health magazine about the tests you should have at each stage of your life. Worth repeating!

In your 30s:
Gyno check, Thyroid check (if you've had a baby)
Heart check
Skin check
Eye exam

In your 40s:
Gyno check, Diabetes test
Heart check, Mammogram
Skin check, Vitamin D test
Eye exam

In your 50s:
Gyno check, Diabetes test, Thyroid test
Heart check, Mammogram, Bone-density scan
Skin check, Vitamin D test
Eye check, Colonoscopy

Excuse me... what about 60s, 70s, etc.? I guess they're the same as 50s but I'm not sure. You know, I always read those articles about how to dress in your 20s, 30s, etc. but it's depressing when they stop at 50. What do they think we wear... flannel pajamas? But that's another blog.

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