Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally! A place to turn my Ferrari loose (I'm joking!)

There is no real point in this blog other than I thought it was really interesting. I met one of my neighbors recently, and he was on his way to Nice to stay at a friend's villa. Yeah, well, I'm on my way to San Antonio and I'm thinking of stopping at the snake farm!

Anyway, I asked him what he did that he would be in Nice. Among his many projects is Driveway, a training track in East Austin. It is used to train EMS drivers, homeland security employees, and law enforcement. The founder is a retired racecar driver who drove for Ferrari.

The 90 acre facility is 10 minutes from downtown Austin and is surrounded by a greenbelt keeping it isolated from adjacent development. The Web site is http://www.drivewayaustin.com/ I had no idea this facility was in Austin. The only world class racing track I've seen is Loop 360 on Saturday.

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