Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm ready for my close-up

My friend Nicole lived in New York and worked for a publisher for several years. Her aunt, Alma, works on movies and travels all kinds of places for movie sets. While working on War, she met and started dating Jeremy Conway. Jeremy has places in Manhatten and Fire Island. But here is the important part: Jeremy is the production designer of Sex and the City, the series and the movie. He has also won four Emmy Awards for his work on the Athens, Barcelona, Sydney and Atlanta Olympics.

In an interview for the Daily News, Jeremy said, "Carrie's apartment is not about Carrie," he says. "What she's wearing is where she spends her money, and her apartment is secondary to that. So we started 'flea-ing' and using found pieces she might reupholster."

I know this is a stretch but this is as close to the set of something like Sex and the City as I'll ever get. And if you squint, in the dark, from a distance, I look a little like Sarah Jessica on a bad day!

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