Saturday, January 5, 2008

Save $1! Here's the blue cheese dip recipe

My sister bought the blue cheese dip recipe and shared it with me. She said she used a different kind of blue cheese and it came out stronger. I haven't tried it myself but I'll try to find the brand mentioned just in case.....

Pillar Bluff's Infamous Blue Cheese Dip

1 4-oz brick of blue cheese (i.e. Treasure Cave)
4-5 TBSPs olive oil
3-6 tsps dipping spices (I.e. Alessi)
cracked black pepper

Use a fork to mash the blue cheese while adding olive oil one tablespoon at a time. Add dipping spices to taste, and cracked black pepper, and mix into the cheese dip. Or, put all ingredients into a food processor and blend. For a creamier texture, add more olive oil.

Tip: For a taste sensation, use this dip as a topping to a grilled sirloin or venison burger. Or add to a baked potato or warm French bread. This tangy addition is an excellent compliment to our Pillar Bluff Boar Doe, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot wine.

Tonight I learned how important it is to pair food with wine. I bought a bottle of Provencal at Becker Vineyards and it was good but not memorable. Well I had sushi tonight and saw that open bottle in the frig and thought I might as well try it with the sushi. Wow! What a difference. I loved it. Had two big glasses and had to take a nap!

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