Saturday, December 29, 2007

Texas wine trail marathon

My sister, her family, and I went on the Christmas wine trail for four days in December... that means two weekends of nonstop wine tasting! We went to 21 or 22 wineries... I think. All I know is that I came home with 17 bottles of delicious Texas wine.

We decided not to exchange gifts this year and do something together instead. And what says family better than drinking wine!

I didn't realize how many scenic wineries there were producing very nice wines. I'm finishing a bottle of Founder's Red from Pillar Bluff Vineyard in Lampasas right now. Yummy! Great drinking wine or for mulled wine. It's a little sweet, but not over the top. (I just can't do really sweet wines.) It was a cold, wet day and they served it mulled with cinnamon sticks. Ahhh, the aroma!

Two twin brothers own wineries right next door and produce small quantities of a surprisingly large variety of wines. The owner of Pillar Bluff says he planted five varietals just so he could produce the Boar Doe cab. Worth the effort! Also ask about the tasty bleu cheese dip recipe. (It'll cost you a $1)

There's a lot more wine to report... more later.

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