Sunday, January 31, 2010

I no longer consider moving an adventure

It looks like I'm going to move..not far...just across the drive. But I'm going to move to a first floor apartment. Right now, I have to climb three flights of stairs to get from my garage to my apartment. When I moved in two years ago I thought it would be good exercise plus I could enjoy the beautiful view.

After lugging bags of groceries up those stairs for two years, I'm thinking there must be a better way to exercise! Besides, the chemo isn't helping my ability to climb stairs.

I can remember a time when I thought moving was fun... an adventure! New rooms to arrange, new neighbors, new decor items to buy. Now I look at all those books and dishes and closet stuff (where did it all come from?) and wonder how badly I want to keep them.

So if you're not doing anything one fine weekend this month........

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