Sunday, January 17, 2010

Germy places in your home

I was reading an article in Health magazine about the germiest places in a home and came across some surprising (and disgusting) facts. A typical sink drain has over 500,000 bacteria persquare inch. Seventy percent of the sponges and towels you use to clean have microbes such as E. coli.

What to do?
After you rinse or cook food, clean the sink, counters, and faucet with soap and water or an anti-bacterial cleanser. Never leave a sponge around to use the next day...this can create a germ breeding ground. Instead, put the sponge or brush in the dishwasher and dishrags in the washing machine.

Disinfect the sink and drain twice a week with a solution of one tablespoon bleach with one quart water. Scrub the sink and then pour the solution down it.

More disgusting facts to follow!

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