Monday, November 9, 2009

Report from HEB

Sunday afternoon I stopped by the HEB on Bee Caves Road for a few things I forgot the day before. Over an hour later I emerged having eaten my way through the store! No dinner for me!

The station at the Cafe on the Run counter had turkey & potatoes (good), cranberry chutney (very good), green beans (good). The meat department had ham (good), roast beef (very good) with horseradish sauce, and mashed potatoes. The scallops (not my favorite) were in the fish department and behind it were egg nog (2% and yummy) and cookies. And then truffles (wow!) and coffee. And then....pumpkin ice cream and chocolate mint chip ice cream (great). I nearly forgot...pumpkin pie also! What a day!

I guess they were featuring their Thanksgiving foods....They sold me. If they do this again, go try the goodies.

Earlier in the day, I had wandered into Williams Sonoma and they were serving turkey & dressing made from focaccia (very good), mashed potatoes and gravy (great), and green bean casserole (good). If this keeps up, I'll put on the pounds before we even get to Thanksgiving!

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