Monday, November 30, 2009

An afternoon at Ann Taylor

There are some really good deals out there now....but not everything that sounds good really is! Ann Taylor had a sale after Thanksgiving that was the real deal.... 40 percent off your entire purchase...everything included. The next three days it was restricted to 40 percent off one item.

I found a soft sweater wrap and silky t-shirt. They also had great black dresses that would be perfect for lots of occasions. And they still have those pearl, rhinestone, and ribbon necklaces that Dale Coker mentioned earlier. Also an extra 40 percent off sale items.

Sales like this pop up quickly and I never have time to tell anyone. And sometimes they are online only.

On the other hand, I was looking at computers and was told that I could pay it out with no interest on all computers with a little logo on them. I glanced around and saw the little logo everywhere. So I took out a new credit card and picked out a computer, only to find out that was not the correct logo. Only three models (all over $1700) qualified for the deal. I was looking in the $300 price range! Oh well...

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