Monday, June 9, 2008

A Recession with cream gravy

I went to a seminar on investment strategies this past weekend. My mother told me I should go because I "don't know much about business."

First, I was impressed that this many people have enough money to invest in a program like this! Of course, I've seen happier folks waiting in the emergency room at the county hospital.

What a great breakfast... eggs, biscuits & gravy, fruit, bacon, sweet rolls...yum! Now I'm ready to think about the Market. One more spoon of gravy & now we're ready.

Ah, a chart about the Recession of 2008. At least we're being honest now. And a summary of "Bubbles".. tech, silver, oil. Don't we ever learn?

And what did I learn? Really bad times and crazy good times never last indefinitely. We're probably not at the bottom yet but these times are also not as bad as many previous recessions (yet.. that's my note!)

I also learned that reducing oil consumption would help a lot, and a period of growth usually follows bad times. I learned to pay attention to value and not get carried away with bubbles. AND I learned that everything seems a lot better with hot biscuits and cream gravy with bits of sausage in it!

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