Monday, June 16, 2008

I found my daughter!

I have established communication with my daughter!

She's a jockey (yes, you read that right... a jockey) and gets up very early, goes to bed early, & doesn't check her messages. Riding race horses is dangerous. I worry. I've resorted to calling her best friend (who lives in Florida) to call her fiance (who lives in New York) to call a trainer he knows at the same track to tell her to call her mother. This kind of thing has gone on for years.

But that's all over now. Text messaging! I sent her a test message just to see if she would answer. Magic! Five minutes later an answer. You're kidding.

A week later (I've been warned by other text messagers not to overdo it)I sent another message. Another answer....immediately. This is too much!

You're wondering... Why didn't you think of that before? I don't know. I've been paying for text messaging for a long time and never realized the power I had in my hands. I promise not to abuse this power.

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